Victor Sirot

Freelance graphic designer based in Dijon, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

I am a freelance graphic designer specialising in the design, production and adaptation of printed materials, mainly in the cultural sector.

For the past four years and through various professional and personal projects, I have been developing graphic, editorial and identity principles resulting from a desire for both legibility and sensibility.


10 rue Colson

21000 Dijon


(+33)6 04 48 87 32

Self-initiated projects

I cofounded the publishing house Salle de Lecture and the iconographic projet Revue PHOTOS

Salle de Lecture

Salle de Lecture is an itinerant fictitious archive structure designed by Jules Bouit. Its content is made up of a selection of working documents and unexploited files belonging to Victor Sirot, Frederic Jaman and Geoffrey Bourgeois. Once in the archives, this material is reorganized, reinvested, reused and made available for consultation.

PHOTOS Magazine

It represents a voluntary and assumed tribute to the photographic magazine PHOTO published in the 1970s.

We use different means of capture, documentation and digitization to showcase the personal collection of used books of collectors, amateurs, artists or institutions.

We then design an editorial showcase for this (digital) documentary material. Several publications have already appeared and some have been the subject of special events.



My research work, projects and personal experimentations can be seen here


019 Ghent

Chalon dans la rue, festival des arts en espace public

Chalon dans la rue, Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public

EpiquePixel Photographie

Le Tâche Papier

Musée de la photographie Nicéphore Niépce

Myrtille Chevalier


Ravisius Textor

Revue Approche

Salle de Lecture

Spassky Fischer

Thomas Sirot

Tombolo Presses


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Web development : Gaël Jaman

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